RYLA Vocational Visit – Closing Day

The Rotary Club of Salmaniya closed the RCS Ryla Ideathon on Saturday 28th of January at the University College of Bahrain. The participants presented their presentations to the panel of judges. They used the knowledge gained from their vocational visits during the past week in their presentations. We thank the University College Bahrain for being…

RYLA Vocational Visit – Day 1

The Rotary Club of Salmaniya has successfully completed the RYLA Vocational Ideathon on Saturday 28th 2023. In the first week Participants from many universities heard from business professionals and Rotarians on their experiences in the corporate world. The participants were grouped based on their vocation of interest. The following week was dedicated to vocational visits…

RYLA Vocational Visit

The Rotary Club of Salmaniya is very appreciative of the corporations that organized vocational visits for the RYLA participants. Zain, Al Kindi Hospital, Habib Associates, Rain Financial, The Merchant House Hotel, Ila Bank, and the Gulf Hotel. Each company gave a comprehensive tour of their facilities explaining the vocational and corporate aspects.

Greenhouse Harvest

The Rotary Club of Salmaniya and the Khalid Janahi Charity Society organized the greenhouse harvest for beneficiaries of the Bahrain Association for Parents and Friends of the Disabled on Tuesday 17th of January 2023. This is part of the yearly Green House project organized jointly between RC Salmaniya and the Khalid Janahi Charity Society.